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Today I am incredibly pleased to post the entry for Faye & Jonathan's luxurious day at the breathtaking Hazelwood Castle. Faye and Jon have given us some incredible feedback so far, they were over the moon with their videos and we were so pleased to hear it. 

The day began at Hazelwood Castle, a beautiful and unique building nestled in a cosy corner of West Yorkshire near the historic town of Tadcaster. The momentum of the day began early, with a bustling bridal party getting ready in full swing for the day's events (with matching gowns!) and all the boys down in the drawing room getting dressed and looking sharp. We were delighted to be working alongside the (in)famous Chris Chambers, whose photos are of the highest calibre. With everyone in good spirits, we all raced to Bolton Percy, unbeknownst we were in store for an incredibly emotional ceremony from Faye and Jon. Even the reading from Faye's mum had the first three rows in tears! As Faye arrived, we captured some amazingly candid shots of Faye' father and her Bridal Party walking the blushing Bride to the church - some of my favourite cips of the whole day!

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After the ceremony, we all had some fun with confetti and welcomed the new Mr & Mrs Daniels to the world! Back at Hazelwood, everybody headed outside for photos and drinks in the summer sun, and some had an extra swig of dutch courage to prepare them for the imminent speeches. The speeches were a huge success, especially the slideshow from the Best Man which gave a rich history (along with some embarrassing photos) regarding the Groom Jon!

The cake was like no other, cut with a sword (a real sword, in a real castle!) and a Kodaline fuelled first dance had the emotions running high - paving the way for a night to remember! The night was finished off with a mega firework display, the perfect finish to such a grand and elegant day which we were thrilled to be a part of.

Take a look at the Highlights Film below to see our cut of the day.

Faye and Jon really did give us some amazing feedback, and we'd like to share it with you below.

I'll start at the beginning...we had dreamt of having a videographer at our wedding to capture our special day but decided pretty early on that it was an unnecessary expense and that we couldn't really afford to book another supplier. We left the door open a crack in case we could find the funds to book a videographer and, after months of deliberation, we found and contacted Tom at Midgley Wedding Cinematography ...  I was unsure for weeks whether we'd made the right decision but, since the day we met Tom, I have been nothing but overwhelmed by his professionalism and skill. He was polite, kind hearted, seemed to care genuinely about us as people and clients, and has an innate passion and flare for what he does.
On the wedding day, Tom and Lee were a delight to work with and helped us to feel special, looked after, and generally on top of the world! Capturing the video footage didn't take away for a second from our special day and I can't put into words what a fantastic investment the cinematography was. Now that the dust has settled, we're settling into married life, and the intricate memories of our day have faded surprisingly quickly, our wedding video helps to bring those memories flooding back. We have watched the feature film about 50 times and clap, cheer, and cry every time! We have loved every second of showing it to friends and family and I wish I could describe just how beautifully put together it is. Tom and Lee captured every part of our special day and have worked it into the most stunning product that is a beautiful work of art. We are grateful to have also had an outstanding photographer on board for the wedding but still photographs can only say so much. To hear our speeches back, listen to our vows and the sincerity with which they were said, listen to the music we chose, hear the church readings again, see moments on film that we didn't even get to see ourselves on the day, and so much more that is caught on film is just priceless.
It is ironic that Tom was the last supplier that we booked and has turned out to be single handedly the best investment of our wedding. Tom advertises as 'cinematography' rather than videography and, in our opinion, it is exactly that. It is different to, more emotive than, and more beautifully crafted than standard videography and our feature and highlights films have been cut with flare, care, passion, and skill. We can't thank Tom and Lee enough for their brilliant work that will help us to remember our special day forever. In the words of John Cooper, 'time goes by faster than you can imagine' and we are so SO glad we made the difficult decision to capture it on video.

Faye and Jon; thank you so much for having us, we cant thank you enough for the opportunity to capture your special day.

Until next time!